Vikings in Asda!!!!

Well as the weekend rapidly hit us, as did the additional projects for ABSS to provide security upon.

Firstly the huge ongoing project throughout lincolnshire the "VIKING LINK" required assistance and approached ABSS to assist with K9 assistance.

After digging deep into the archives,numerous phone calls and emails to find the correct staff, we were lucky enough to be contacted by an old school pal that is indeed an experienced K9 handler. That is one happy client, that ABSS provided within 2 hrs of the request.

This morning we wake to a text sent in darkness offering ABSS the security shifts in Lincoln covering two ASDA Supermarkets. We haven't ventured into retail as such just yet but today we put the feelers out for staff starting today at 1300hrs and continuing through to December end. A quick search of the staff database and these shifts were all covered.

What a versatile team of staff we have, they can literally do everything across the Security spectrum.

We feel blessed constantly for having the best staff out there that go the extra mile each and every time something is offered.

Thanks all

Ash and Kel......

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