Updated: Oct 27, 2021

14 October 2021

Good afternoon all.

Welcome to our Blog.

Well what a few months this has been! After closing a chapter of my life, working as a security officer in iraq it was time to do something that was more productive and homebound.....

Here I am in under 6 months, thriving within the commercial security industry following the start up of ABSS. After sieving through umpteen C.V's, hundreds of phone calls and emails, developing a website and domain name (whatever that is?) we are live!

Little did i know that so much administration / time and patience would be needed seven days a week to ensure that ABSS does not fail.

Here's me sat writing this and sounding like I am complaining?

Trust me I am not.

The team we now have on board working on numerous security sites and events across the midlands, Lancashire, Merseyside, Lincolnshire etc are truly amazing.

We have gone from zero to near enough 200 staff in what seems like overnight! Its difficult to fathom at times, difficult to believe, just difficult!!!! but this is the reality now,

This is only the beginning...............

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