So....... as we continue to approach the end of what has been a manic year, here at ABSS we expected the event scene to begin to calm down?

How wrong were we?

With a single telephone one weekday evening last wednesday, we are now providing staff for nearly 30 events through November and December.

What we thought would be our quietest period during the year has became the most hectic and busiest.

This is great for ABSS obviously. As each day passes another event or task comes in.

With the continuous growth of our client base, we shall continually employ security staff in order to ensure security is provided across the country in line with the clients requirements.

Our moto of "Tutum Ac Securam" should be replaced with "no rest for the wicked" (joke)

Here at ABSS we pride ourselves on never failing to provide. Up to now i am proud to say we haven't.

Have a fab weekend all.

Ash out.........

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