Another Day!!!!

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Wow, what a day today has been!!!!!

Unexpectedly a current static guarding project over in the Rotherham area comes to an early end with very little notice. A week isnt long to end a project i hear people say but at least its something and gives us time to relocate the guards elsewhere.

But as the saying goes,

"when one door closes another door opens"

Numerous phone calls received from numerous clients resulting in ABSS now providing assistance for clients collaborating on covid sites, at two large Doncaster events, 21 events at manchester between now and December 30th and weekly security and stewards at football grounds including Rotherham FC, Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United and of course not forgetting Grimsby Town FC.

You really never know what to expect in this game? sometimes good sometimes bad but i do know one thing........

ABSS will always continue to provide to the best of our capability no matter the task.


Have a good week all.

Ash signing off.

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